SRC AGENCY | #BeBoldForChange – Take the Risk, it’s Worth it!
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#BeBoldForChange – Take the Risk, it’s Worth it!

#BeBoldForChange – Take the Risk, it’s Worth it!

As we celebrate International Women’s Day and all the wonderful ladies out there, This year’s Global theme “Be bold for change” is very appropriate. The Theme challenges women to prepare themselves for the inevitable change that is necessary to propel them to excellence in all that they do.

Taking risks in your career is not always viewed as the most realistic approach. This is especially true when the practicalities of life come knocking on your door – the likes of paying bills, rent and so forth. I’ve encountered a number of people that fantasize over the idea of living out their dreams but aren’t necessarily willing to embrace the risk that comes with it –understandably so, not so many people are comfortable with being uncomfortable even just for a while. The fear of financial uncertainty is real. But here’s the thing: would rather go through life miserably because you are not willing to accept the cost of striving for excellence – crafting the type of career or rather, lifestyle that will make you happier waking up on a Monday morning because quite honestly, I would rather do the latter even if it means being uncomfortable for a little while.

A wise man once said, everything you desire in life has a price and you have to be willing to accept that price. No matter what you choose to do, it will cost you. If you choose to have a mediocre career that doesn’t motivate you or give you a sense of fulfillment, it will cost you. If you desire to do meaningful work, it will cost you. Likewise, if you want to live in absolute luxury – that will cost you as well. It all comes down to your willingness to accept the cost of whatever you choose to do. If you think about it, everything you do is a risk. You never really know the outcome of anything until you decide to do it. If it means being uncomfortable and fighting the good fight to have an awesome life, then so be it. I’d rather try and fail on my own terms than never try and simply get by. I think if more people were willing to be uncomfortable in this aspect, the world would be a happier place.

Taking a career risk requires bravery. It is facing your fears head-on without bailing at the first sight of discomfort. It means leaving a job that doesn’t feel like the right fit for you or saying “No” to a client that you don’t believe in. It is a test of your commitment to a more fulfilling life – a test of your willpower and drive. How much are you willing to sacrifice? There are certain things that are just not worth compromising. We can all agree that it takes courage to make these hard decisions about your life and career and following your dreams. These are the times that will define you and make you who you were born to be. There will never be the right time or the best time, the time is now to do it. Go and Be Great.


By Tamala Maerere


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